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Heather Grabham: Vocals, Whistle

Jan Debrabandere: Guitar, Vocals

Elke De Meester: Accordion, Vocals

Erwin Libbrecht: Bouzouki, Vocals

Luc Pilartz: Fiddle

Koen Dewaele: Bass

Bart Deblaere: Percussion


Faran Flad started in 2008 and was formed by Heather Grabham and Erwin Libbrecht, but even before the first concert they were joined by Jan Debrabandere and Luc Pilartz.

The name of the band means ‘Travel Splendidly’ and that is what we have done in those ten years.

We played many festivals in Belgium, France, Norway and the UK. We performed in beautiful venues and pubs, and always with the same enthusiasm and drive.

We made two albums in ten years (not a great average but still…) and recently released a DVD with live recordings made in Maarkedal (Belgium),

where we dressed in period costumes for the first time.

Now the band is working on a new project with six extra female singers and will tour in the summer of 2018.

On the 9th of November we celebrate our 10th birthday with a concert in De Centrale in Ghent, Belgium.

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Thanks to our loyal fans and organisers who supported us through those years!



“Lip-smacking stuff from a joyful singer backed by some madcap bouzouki, guitar, fiddle and bodhran.

This four-piece should be a hit at festivals. Play it LOUD in the living room.”

– Bob Harragan, Living Tradition


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* 'We're working on a special festival programme with six extra girls singing.
  Come and see us at Labadoux, Zillegem and Ham Festival!'

* 'Keep the 9th of November free in you agenda. 
  10 years Faran Flad in De Centrale, Ghent.'